4 Tips To Avoid Making Mistakes When Seeking Crane Rental Services

The key to a successful construction project is proper planning and adequate preparation. After deciding to rent a crane due to its cost benefits and flexibility, you'll need to head back to your construction site and make a few plans for the equipment's arrival and construction operations. If you don't know where to begin, this piece will provide tips to remember when seeking crane rental services. 

1. Choose a Reliable Equipment Rental Company and Fill Out the Paperwork 

The crane rental company may require you to fill out some documents before sending the equipment. The paperwork will likely contain the contract with the terms of the agreement. Consider taking your time to go through every clause. The documents will clarify which of the two parties is liable for maintenance, repair, storage, and logistics. It may also contain the specific rental dates on which the rental company should pick up its equipment. You'll also want to know about insurance details. This can help you determine whether to get additional coverage if something goes wrong. Once done, you can sign the papers, send them to the rental company, and keep a copy. 

1. Clear the Access Points 

Cranes are heavy equipment that need enough space to operate. Therefore, expand the entrance so the crane can pass without damaging the property. You can confirm with the crane rental company about the dimensions of the equipment and the operation space needed. These figures will help you adjust your gate to ensure the crane can pass through the entrance. 

3. Prepare the Worksite 

You could start by leveling the ground. The crane will need a level and smooth surface when lifting construction supplies. Rough grounds make the site hazardous as the crane could tip and cause massive injuries and property damage. Ensure all ditches are filled or covered. Eliminate piles of soil and clear any stones or bricks that may tamper with the equipment's function. 

You may also want to stack the materials needed to be hoisted. Keep them close to save time. Don't wait until the crane arrives to bring the materials that need to be lifted or moved. 

4. Set Up Safety Measures 

Your crane rental company might help ensure your construction site is safe and ready for crane operations. One of the biggest advantages of working with a crane rental company is that they provide operator services. Therefore, you won't have to pay training fees. Consider marking danger zones and installing warning signs to keep by-passers and workers away from the site.  

Regardless of the scope of your construction project, these simple tips can make your construction site safe and ready. Contact a crane rental company to order a crane to meet your project operation needs.