Suggestions For Those Renting Out Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are available for operations that involve heights. They're a dependable type of aerial platform that you can actually rent out today. If you're doing so, use a couple of suggestions to avoid issues. 

Elevate the Platform Before Renting

Before you accept a scissor lift from a supplier and start using it around a job site, make sure you see that this lift works first. One of the most important tests you can perform is elevating the platform as much as you can.

Then you can see if the lift is in good condition and working like it's supposed to. You don't want to see any movement issues or strange sounds when the platform gets elevated. Verifying this detail will not only help you get the most out of this lift, but it will ensure you're able to stay safe while on it.

Get a Trained Operator for Extra Safety 

Even if you do plan on using this scissor lift rental yourself, it's still a good idea to also hire a trained operator. Then they can provide extra supervision throughout your lifting activities, as well as help you troubleshoot issues if they occur.

The lift rental supplier should offer trained operators just to be safe. They will be licensed and have plenty of experience using the particular scissor lift that you're renting out. Then you'll just need to listen to this operator if they give suggestions or need you to be aware of something before going up on the aerial platform. 

Look for an Appropriate Type

There are actually several different scissor lifts you can rent from companies today. It's key that you look at the available options and then assess their features so that you can get a compatible scissor lift that does everything you want it to around a job site.

For example, if you plan on using this lift around some dirt or uneven gravel, then a rough-terrain scissor lift would be appropriate for properly navigating this machinery around these types of environments. Or maybe you're working primarily indoors. Then an electric scissor lift would probably be best.

If you need to reach certain heights -- whether it's for painting or moving heavy materials to a tall platform -- you can use a scissor lift. Renting one out won't be a big deal if you get the right lift, inspect it, and get professional assistance as well. Then you'll be completely covered.