Skid Steer Attachments That Are Useful for Maintaining Your Horse Ranch

If you have a horse ranch or other large country property, you know how much work it is to maintain the land and care for your animals. A skid steer can make the jobs a little easier when you have the right attachments. Here are ways a skid steer can help you manage your ranch and the attachments you may want to buy.

A Fork Makes It Easy to Move Hay and Pallets

A fork attachment for your skid steer allows you to move giant bundles easily so you don't have to waste time breaking bulk items into small piles you can manage more easily by hand. You can move an entire pallet loaded with supplies from your truck to the barn or from the barn to the field and not risk hurting your back or waste a lot of time. A fork penetrates hay bales so you can lift and stack them for storage and move them to stalls when needed.

A Bucket Attachment Has Many Uses

Your skid steer may come with a bucket when you buy it since it is the most versatile of all attachments. If you need to buy a bucket, then choose one that's a perfect match for the type of work you want to do since there are different buckets to choose from. For instance, some buckets have teeth that you can use to dig into the soil easier. If your bucket doesn't have teeth, you can buy teeth that bolt on when you need them.

If you live off a country lane or road that the county doesn't clear quickly when it snows, you can use the bucket as a snow shovel to clear your lane so you won't be snowed in at your house. A bucket can be used to transport heavy things and pick up tree stumps. You might get by with renting other skid steer attachments when you need them, but a bucket is one of the attachments you'll want to own.

A Brush Cutter Clears Overgrown Land

If you need to clear land to create new pastures or maintain overgrown pastures, then a brush cutter comes in handy. This clears a swath of dense brush so you can control bushes and young trees before they get big and hard to remove. A skid steer also has attachments for mulching and removing trees if you need to clear a wooded area, but a brush cutter is something you'll probably use more often when you need to maintain the land for horses and grow lush pastures.