Rodent Letters For Demolition: What You Need To Know

You're looking to get your home or commercial property demolished, but you've run into a hitch: you need to get a rodent letter. What is a rodent letter for demolition? Why are they so necessary? And how can you get one?

Rodent Treatment Must Be Certified

A rodent letter for demolition is an official statement from a pest control agency stating that they treated your building for rats. It verifies that you have taken steps to ensure that your property is free of disease-spreading vermin and that it is safe to tear down.

Why This Is Necessary

Rodent letters are necessary for all demolition processes because they ensure that rats, mice, and other vermin don't spread to new buildings after theirs is destroyed. While many rodents will be killed during the demolition process, many more will travel a mile or more to find a new home. This means that other buildings in the area could be infested by them.

Curtailing rodent populations is important because they can spread a wide range of dangerous diseases, including the following:

  • Plague
  • Hantavirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tick fever

How To Get One

The methods for obtaining a rodent letter vary, depending on the jurisdiction of your demolition. For example, in Atlanta, you must obtain a rodent letter as part of a multiple-step process. Obtaining this letter is your responsibility and you must reach out to a pest control company and have them do it for you.

After they've treated the property for rats, they will give you a letter stating when they treated your property and the results of the treatment. This letter must be on official company letterhead or it may be rejected and your demolition delayed.

The Cost Investment

The price of a rodent letter for demolition will vary, depending on the pest control companies in your area. Generally, you're not likely to pay more than $100-$250 for a residential structure, such as a single home.

However, prices may go up depending on the size of the building. This is especially true of commercial buildings. They are usually assessed by the square footage involved and the location of the building.

If you're unable to find someone to inspect your building, call up a professional demolition expert, like those at Morris Excavating, right away. They deal with this problem all the time and they'll have a list of possible pest control companies that you can call. This ensures your demolition goes off without a hitch.