Two Questions About Renting Your First Crane

Renting a crane for a construction project can represent a major investment, but it can be the only way for you to have the tools that you need for your client's job. Unfortunately, new contractors may not be aware of what they should be expecting when going through the crane rental process. If you have never rented one of these devices, you will likely find the following couple of answers useful.

Is A Site Inspection Required?

Construction cranes can be extremely valuable pieces of equipment, and it should come as no surprise that crane rental companies will want to make sure that these devices are securely in place. Therefore, you should be prepared to have your construction site inspected by a representative from the crane rental provider. This inspection is necessary to make sure that there is a suitable location for the placement of the crane. Without a suitable flat area to place the crane, it would be possible for it to tip over, which could cause extensive damages and the loss of life. As a result of the importance of placement, you should be sure to have multiple possible locations in mind so that you can quickly show the inspector other the options in the event your original location is not viable. 

What Type Of Documents Will You Need To Submit?

When renting a bare crane, you will be required to submit several important documents to the provider. In particular, you will need to provide proof of having sufficient insurance coverage for your desired crane. The amount of coverage required can vary from one provider to another, but the provider will provide you with the insurance requirements. Additionally, you will need to provide proof of having a licensed crane operator. Once these documents have been received, your crane delivery can be scheduled. To make sure you can easily find them, you should keep copies of these documents in a single location. Ideally, this should be in a folder or drawer where you can easily access them but that is also safe from spills and other forms of potential damage.

Undertaking a project where you will need to have access to a crane can be a highly lucrative contract, but it is no secret that many contractors are unable to purchase their own cranes. Luckily, there are rental providers that can supply your business with the type of crane you require. However, it is important for you to understand what should be expected during the rental process. Making sure to keep your documents organized and being prepared for a site inspection will help you to make sure that this rental experience goes smoothly and productively.