Four Helpful Applications For Diamonds That May Never Have Occurred To You

Diamonds are one of the strongest materials in the world, and the strongest natural material. The only materials that exceed the hardness of diamonds are scientifically-engineered materials, such as graphene. Until engineered materials are crafted to take the place of many of the jobs that diamonds do, diamonds will continue to complete these jobs. There are some very specific and very helpful applications for diamonds, some of which you may not be aware. In case you have need of any of these applications in the future, here is the information on "diamond odd jobs."

Diamond Blades

Diamonds that have been ground into various grit consistencies are adhered to saw blades. These "diamond blades" are particularly expensive, but they can cut through just about anything. The crushed diamonds may edge just the toothed parts of saw blades, or they may cover the whole of sanding and cutting disks. If you have something that is either particularly difficult to cut or you are destroying blade after blade trying to cut through a bulk quantity of steel (for example), then diamond blades will be very effective at helping you get the job done. Most hardware stores sell diamond blades, too, so you should have no trouble finding and purchasing them for your table saw, circular saw, circular sander, etc.


Diamonds can refract and reflect light like only few substances on earth can. This makes them ideal for use in lasers. They can split the laser's light to cut more than one surface at a time, or they can concentrate the laser's beam, thereby increasing the cutting power of the laser. Diamonds in lasers may have other uses as well, but are still being studied because no two diamonds are exactly alike in form or atomic structure.

Gemstone Polishers and Cutters

As strange as it might sound, diamonds are used to polish other diamonds and some gemstones. Without this application, gemologists and jewelers might find it very hard to create the perfect cuts and sparkle that so many people love to see. Diamonds are also used to cut other diamonds, since it would be nearly impossible to find another material that could cut these stones without destroying their surfaces or shapes.

Cutting Glass and Stained Glass

Diamonds have been the standard for cutting glass for a very long time. There are other tools now that can cut glass just as easily, but in the event that you find yourself stuck in a glass box or in need of a means of exiting through a window and nothing else is available as a tool, a diamond ring can do the job. Diamonds can also cut stained glass, which is often how pieces of stained glass are cut and shaped before being framed by molten lead or lead substitute. If you partake of the hobby of stained-glass windows and sculptures, you may want a diamond cutter to help you finish your projects quickly and easily. Read more about businesses, such as Web Granite Supplies, for more information about diamond coated products.