More Than Just A Machine: Tips For Renting Construction Equipment

If you are getting ready to tackle a construction project, you will likely need access to some heavy machinery in order to complete the job. Machines like backhoes, forklifts, and dump trucks can make construction more convenient, but these pieces of equipment cost a lot of money to own and maintain. Renting the machines you need for a specific job can be a more cost effective way to do business.

Here are three qualities that you should be looking for when partnering with an equipment rental company in the future.

1. Look for a rental company that provides transportation.

Transporting your rented equipment from the rental yard to your job site can be a difficult task. If you want to avoid the added expense of renting a truck and hiring a driver, you should ensure that the rental company you partner with includes transportation in each rental contract.

By relying on the rental company to deliver your equipment to the construction site, you can eliminate the logistical problems (like permitting and access to a semi truck) that transporting heavy equipment creates.

2. Look for a rental company that provides maintenance.

Utilizing heavy machinery on a construction site means that you will be creating opportunities for the equipment you rent to break down. Well-maintained machines are less likely to stay out of commission for lengthy periods of time, so ensuring that the rental company you partner with offers on-site maintenance can be beneficial.

If you are able to contact a mechanic who has the experience and tools required to maintain and repair your rented equipment, you will be able to more efficiently complete your construction project in the future.

3. Look for a rental company that offers access to skilled operators.

The potential for injury on a construction site can increase when heavy machinery is used to complete various tasks. Only individuals who have received specialized training in the operation of heavy machinery should be allowed to drive your rented equipment.

If your crew members don't have the knowledge required to safely operate your machinery, it can be beneficial to partner with a rental company that can supply you with skilled operators.

Renting construction equipment can be an affordable and efficient way to complete a project. Knowing what to look for as you partner with a rental company will allow you to take advantage of the services these companies provide.

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